Quick Release Clamp

My favorite project at Instron was designing this Quick-Release Clamp meant to secure 2 k-cup shaped specimen to a peel fixture. It was a great opportunity explore different materials and finishes while considering price point, usability, and manufacturability.

Challenges + Action
  • High Volume Testing - I modeled the base part after a bike collar, and added a cam lever to reduce setup in between tests.
  • Multiple Specimen Sizes - Shaped the cavity of collar to allow the less rigid of the samples to sit comfortably, but force the more rigid sample to bite into the rubber lining of the collar.
  • Mounting to Fixture - I opted to mount the lever by its side rather than in the middle to make it easier to close.
Skills/Tools Developed
  • Solidworks FEA Tool - Though I'd used the tool extensively throughout my co-op to determine if parts/systems were safe or in danger of breaking, this was my first time using it to get displacement information.